Internet Crimes Lawyers

Synenberg, Coletta & Moran, LLC is a Cleveland, Ohio, criminal defense firm with extensive experience handling Internet offenses and computer fraud crimes. Our team of attorneys, lead by former Assistant United States Attorney Roger Synenberg, brings a strong background in defense of computer crime and Internet offenses to every case we handle. When you hire Synenberg, Coletta & Moran, LLC to handle an Internet or computer crime case, you will have your case supervised by a lawyer with over 30 years of legal experience.

Skilled Computer Fraud Crimes Attorneys

Most people think that what they do in cyberspace stays in cyberspace. Our computer and Internet crime attorneys know differently. Technology has made tracking of downloading illegal material and other on-line behavior transparent to search engines, federal authorities, and local police. Many of our clients arrested for Internet sex crimes and computer fraud crimes are facing charges involving the following:

  • Downloading Illegal/Child Pornography
  • Online Solicitation of a Minor
  • Downloading and Illegal File Sharing Charges
  • Internet Fraud and related Offenses
  • Identity Theft Charges

Our lawyers consult with computer forensic experts in cases involving computer fraud charges and Internet sex crimes. We understand that these cases are complex and often involve potentially illegal searches of our client’s computer hard drives, e-mail accounts, and homes. A successful defense will depend on the quality and quantity of discovery the attorney can compel in the case, a thorough knowledge of the search and seizure laws and enough computer knowledge to conduct direct and cross-examination of various types of experts.

We Deliver Results

  • Our client was accused of soliciting a minor over the internet and traveling to meet the minor. The purported victim was actually an undercover police officer. We sent our client to specialists for treatment and evaluation. Our client was facing over 20 years in prison but was ultimately sentenced to 3 years of probation.
  • Our client was charged with Aggravated Identity Theft in federal court and was facing a minimum mandatory of two years in prison. Our client was part of an enterprise that generated an aggregate loss of over $500,000. Plea negotiations led to a prison sentence of 5 months.
  • Our client pled guilty to multiple counts of minor in material or performance and pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor. Our client was facing a statutory presumption of prison and potentially decades in prison but ultimately received a sentence of 2 years of probation.
  • Our client pled guilty to more than 20 counts of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor and one count of possessing criminal tools. Despite a statutory presumption of prison, our client received a sentence of 5 years of probation.
  • Our client was charged with two counts of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor, one count of importuning and one count of possessing criminal tools. Our client was facing up to 18 years in prison but ultimately received no prison time and a 3 year period of probation.
  • Our client was charged in federal court with transferring obscene material to a minor under the age of 16. Despite facing a prison sentence of up to 10 years, our client was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

If you are facing an Internet crime/Internet sex crime charge or need help with an online sexual solicitation defense, please call us immediately. We offer free initial consultations. We are also available for evening and weekend appointments and are conveniently located near the Federal, Cuyahoga County and Cleveland courthouses in downtown Cleveland. Contact an attorney at 216-622-2727.