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Over 60 Years of Trial Experience

Synenberg & Associates has achieved an impressive record of success on behalf of clients whose exposure was often measured in decades instead of years. We help our clients resolve both state and federal criminal charges, including major crimes with the risk of long prison sentences and considerable financial penalties.

Our lawyers advise and represent people facing such charges as:

White Collar Crimes

Mail, internet, mortgage, wire fraud, identity theft, securities fraud, health care fraud, counterfeiting, forgery, bribery, extortion, blackmail, tax, credit card, check violations, larceny, embezzlement, Medicaid/Medicare fraud, other fraud against government agencies, and environmental investigations.

Tax Fraud

State or federal income tax fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy to commit fraud or evade taxes.

Health Care Fraud

Overbilling Medicaid for treatment, billing for nonexistent services, and seeking reimbursement for multiple sales of identical medical devices.

Internet, Computer Offenses, and Child Pornography

Downloading illegal files, child pornography, online solicitation of a minor, downloading and illegal file sharing, internet fraud and related offense, and identity theft charges. Possession of child pornography, Illegal Internet downloads, usually involving child porn or breaches of data security, Online stalking and harassment, Online solicitation of a minor for sex, participation in Internet prostitution or other sex crimes.

Insurance Fraud

Automobile repair and accidents, medical/health care, life, workers' compensation, fire, property (repairs and property claims adjustments)

Investment Fraud

Investment fraud, securities fraud, and ponzi schemes. Guardians or trustees who face charges of theft, embezzlement or fraud in their accounting or reporting.

Ohio Felony DUI/OVI Charges

Vehicular homicide, Aggravated vehicular homicide, Vehicular assault, Aggravated vehicular assault, Fourth and sometimes third DUI arrests DUI charges aggravated by circumstances such as fleeing police or hit and run.

State or Federal Drug Offenses

Investigating and defending fraud charges, including those that occur in the health care, securities, government contract, mortgage and banking sectors.

Firearm and Weapon Offenses

Distributing weapons, transporting firearms, and concealed weapon violation.

Sex Crimes

Rape, sexual assault, statutory rape and sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, inappropriate conduct and Internet crimes, including the viewing, sharing and possession of child pornography.

Violent Crimes

Murder, felonious assault, assault, robbery, burglary, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, vehicular homicide, domestic violence, menacing, and battery.

Although many of our clients are charged with offenses in the Ohio criminal justice system, federal criminal defense forms an important focus of our practice. Our insight into federal charging practices, grand jury investigations and trial procedures can significantly reduce your exposure to punishment on serious, white collar, drug or fraud charges.

We also represent individuals and businesses in civil litigation involving contract claims, commercial disputes, and conflicts within corporate or partnership groups. Roger Synenberg acted as trial counsel for Cleveland State University for over twelve years.

To learn how our skill in complex criminal defense can benefit you, contact our office in downtown Cleveland for a FREE CONSULTATION.