White collar crimes are crimes that are committed within a business, corporate or government setting. These crimes are referred to as “white collar” because the offenders are individuals within respected, high-profile roles such as executives, managers, directors, board members or government officials. White collar crimes can be prosecuted in both state and federal courts. At Synenberg & Associates, LLC, our team of attorneys, led by former Assistant United States Attorney Roger Synenberg, has the experience and resources needed to effectively handle both simple and complex white collar crime cases. Whether your case stems from a onetime action involving a minor sum or charges of ongoing violations, involving numerous documents and millions of dollars, our attorney team will provide aggressive, comprehensive and effective legal representation. When facing serious legal challenges, your case is only as good as your lawyer. At Synenberg & Associates, LLC, we don’t start preparing your case for court when we learn it will proceed to trial. We start preparing your case for trial the very day we accept it. We are committed to achieving a full dismissal of your charges, an acquittal or a significant reduction in charges. We have the background, knowledge and skill needed to provide effective white collar crime defense. Charges we handle include:
  • Mail, Internet, mortgage, insurance and wire fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud, including securities and health care fraud
  • Counterfeiting and forgery
  • Bribery, extortion and blackmail
  • Tax, credit card and check violations
  • Larceny and embezzlement
  • Medicaid and Medicare fraud and other fraud against government agencies
  • Environmental investigations

We Deliver Results:

  • Our client, a financial planner who managed funds for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, was charged with bribing the Chief Financial Officer of the BWC. After a two-week trial in federal court, he was found not guilty by a federal jury on all counts.
  • Our client, a former CEO, was charged by the State with engaging in corrupt activity and multiple securities fraud violations. Prior to trial, all charges were dismissed with prejudice by the prosecutor.
  • Our client was one of 17 defendants charged in a federal mortgage fraud case. Every other defendant pled guilty. Despite the lead defendant testifying against our client at trial, a jury acquitted our client of all charges.
  • Following a five-month securities fraud trial in Columbus, Ohio, our client, an attorney, received five- to 25-year sentence. We appealed. Our client remained on bond pending the appeal. After 3 years of successful appeals, the case was resolved with a $100 fine. He never spent a day in jail.
  • Our client, an investment advisor, gave false and misleading statements and documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission to conceal the theft of client funds. We successfully argued for a below-Guideline sentence and our client was sentenced to 3 years of probation.
  • In a case that was in the national news every day for months, our client, a stockbroker, served a little over 6 years in prison after years of proven fraudulent activity that resulted in the theft of over $100 million. Our client was facing a prison sentence of at least 20 years.
  • Our client, a mortgage broker, was charged with two counts of felony fraud. A well prepared and presented defense convinced the State to dismiss all charges prior to trial.
If you are facing white collar crime charges, please call us immediately. We can help you navigate the full range of legal options that come with the defense against white collar crime charges. We offer free initial consultations. We are also available for evening and weekend appointments and are conveniently located near the Federal, Cuyahoga County and Cleveland courthouses in downtown Cleveland. Contact us at 216-622-2727.