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If you have been charged with state or federal income tax fraud, tax evasion, or conspiracy to commit fraud or evade taxes, contact a criminal defense attorney at Synenberg & Associates in Cleveland. We have helped people facing serious criminal tax charges since the firm was established in 1985. Every tax fraud case is different, and federal tax prosecutions often boil down to the defendant’s intent and state of mind. While an individual may not be able to escape civil liability for unpaid taxes, our defense strategies can go far to mitigate your exposure to punishment on the criminal charges. Did you rely on an accountant’s advice? Were you undergoing a personal crisis during the alleged period of tax fraud or evasion? With a carefully limited caseload, our lawyers have the ability to explore your potential defenses in detail and take full advantage of every opportunity we can find to protect your interests. Whether your problems involve the IRS, the Ohio Department of Taxation, or unpaid payroll or Medicaid taxes connected with a small business, we can advise you about your risks and your options. Our lawyers also handle tax fraud or tax evasion charges associated with drug dealing, money laundering, health care fraud or other criminal allegations. In some cases, we’ll be able to negotiate an acceptable compromise with a state or federal prosecutor. In other situations, we’ll use our trial experience to preserve and expand the reasonable doubts the jury might have about your guilt. Under all circumstances, we’ll keep you fully and honestly advised about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, so that your decision to accept a negotiated plea offer or proceed to trial will be based on the best available information and advice.  
If you are facing state or federal criminal tax charges, please call us immediately. We offer free initial consultations. We are also available for evening and weekend appointments and are conveniently located near the Federal, Cuyahoga County and Cleveland courthouses in downtown Cleveland. Contact an attorney at 216-622-2727.