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The criminal defense attorneys of Synenberg & Associates advise and represent professionals charged with various forms of health care fraud. We have represented physicians, chiropractors, companies, and home health aides charged with overbilling Medicaid for treatment, billing for nonexistent services, or seeking reimbursement for multiple sales of the identical medical devices. Contact our office in Cleveland to learn how lawyers familiar with the state and federal system and committed to your interests can protect you from conviction on felony charges of health care fraud. Our insight into investigations, charges and sentence practices can give you a good understanding of your risks. Our experience with developing and presenting intelligent defenses in complex white collar criminal cases can work to your advantage at every stage of the case. We know how to evaluate the evidence against you in order to spot and exploit the weaknesses in a fraud case. Although the federal government is always a powerful adversary, one advantage we have over the prosecution has to do with our limited caseload. Our attorneys can take the time to develop details of your case that government investigators might never get around to covering. We also have a nurse on staff to assist in the review of the voluminous discovery that often accompanies these cases. You can also count on us to keep you fully informed throughout the case as we work toward expanding your options for a favorable outcome. Our personalized approach to client service can help take the stress out of a difficult situation.    

We Deliver Results

  • Our client, a clinical social worker, received a criminal subpoena from a law enforcement agency demanding business and billing records. We were able to convince the investigating agency not to pursue charges against our client.

  • We have represented several health care professionals, including doctors and home health aides, who were under investigation for improper billing. We have been successful in helping several of these clients avoid charges altogether or resolve their case for misdemeanors.

  • We have represented doctors, nurses, home health aides, home health care agencies, nursing homes, pharmacists, hospital billing administrators and others involved with various aspects of health care and medical care.
If you have been charged or have received a target letter or other notice of your possible exposure to prosecution before the grand jury returns an indictment, we encourage you to contact our office in Cleveland as soon as possible. Synenberg & Associates can often achieve outstanding results for our clients even before the formal charges are defined. Call 216-622-2727.