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Criminal sex offenses can raise feelings of shame for the accused as well as public outcry. As in any case, we treat our clients with empathy and sensitivity and demand that the government be held to their burden. Accusations must still be proven, mitigating factors still play a part in sentencing, and, most importantly, those facing charges still need a safe and non-judgmental environment where case strategies can be discussed and legal options weighed. At Synenberg & Associates, our team of attorneys, led by former Assistant United States Attorney Roger Synenberg, has defended numerous individuals accused of sex crimes. In these trying times, we understand our client’s concerns regarding incarceration, the loss of professional licensure and the desire for confidentiality. Sex crime charges often raise questions. What really happened? Did the alleged victim actually consent to the alleged sex act? Was entrapment involved? Our firm works with experts and professionals, including investigators, computer forensic experts and doctors, to uncover the facts behind the charges, get to the truth and construct a solid and successful legal defense. We employ psychologists and psychiatrists. Many people facing sex crime charges have clean records, and their alleged sex crime is an aberration. Psychologists and psychiatrists can help explain behavior in court, which assist in a successful defense.

We Deliver Results:

  • Our client was charged with two counts of Rape and one count of Kidnapping. We proceeded to trial and our client was acquitted of all charges.
  • Our client was accused of soliciting a minor on the internet and traveling to meet the minor. The purported victim was actually an undercover police officer. We sent our client to specialists for treatment and evaluation. Our client was facing over 20 years in prison but ultimately received no prison time and a 3 year period of probation.
  • Our client, a high school coach, had an inappropriate relationship with a student. Despite facing a lengthy prison term, our client was sentenced to a 5 year period of probation.
  • Our client was charged with two counts of Gross Sexual Imposition and one count of Abduction for allegedly holding a female against her will and touching her inappropriately. Our client was facing over 8 years in prison but was sentenced to 5 years of probation.
  • Our client was charged with two counts of Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving a Minor, one count of Importuning and one count of Possessing Criminal Tools. Our client was facing up to 18 years in prison but ultimately received no prison time and a 3 year period of probation.
If you are facing sex offense criminal charges, please call us immediately. Sex offenses commonly include rape, sexual assault, statutory rape and sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, inappropriate conduct and Internet crimes, including the viewing, sharing and possession of child pornography.
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